Cluck Office
Charlotte, NC

Cluck's new headquarters is a laboratory for spontaneous experimentation in new "green" products and cool design ideas. The location was strategically chosen along Charlotte's South corridor light rail line, in an old warehouse - effectively reducing our carbon footprint on the environment by taking advantage of mass transit and reusing an existing building structure. Our office features a rotating graffiti art display, desks for 6 designers, a conference "room", and of course, Cluck himself. Everything in the studio space was designed with function, fun, and sustainability in mind. Drop in and we'll prove it to you!
S/S Drapery Rods
Shenoha Furniture
Cluck T-shirts
Penton Carriage House
My Townhome Office Furniture
8th Street Residence
Shook Office Steel
ARC Observation Tower
Roush Racing Retail
Gallery W.D.O.
Nest Playhouse
Citizens Bank Prototype
Platform Bed
Brooklyn Loft
Seven Table
Cline Residence
Cluck Office
Cluck Furniture
Greenland Kayak Paddles
Midwood Carriage House
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